Monday, April 2, 2012

Start of the Wedding Season

This past weekend started our official wedding season of 2012. We could not have asked for a better couple to start off our season, thank you Kathleen and Steve you and your family were so much fun to get to know! There families were so much fun to get to know and they were definitely a fantastic group of people to be with! Kathleen and Steve are both very lucky to have such amazing families!

The entire weekend was definitely them. They were very low key and laid back and that was their entire weekend. From the relaxed entertaining breakfast to the hair and make-up appointments to the ceremony and reception. They had a beautiful ceremony in our event hall followed by a cocktail hour, and reception indoors. Thanks to Six Star catering for doing such an amazing job on the food and to Torre Photography for photographing the entire event. Below are some pictures we took of the set-up of the room.

There will be more pictures of this wedding at


Anonymous said...

A great way to start off the season!! I agree!!! Kathleen and Steve had a great time full of wonderful Friends and Families. They also won the award for my All Time Favorite Wedding Party Gifts....THE TANGO!!! Lessons for everyone.....WOW!!! It was fun to watch and I know it had to be fun to Tango!!! Congratulations Kathleen & Steve!!