Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Animals of Briar Patch

Though many of you are familiar with the human side of Briar Patch, I'd like to introduce you to our extended animal family. As a pet friendly bed and breakfast, how could we not have a few critters of our own?

Briar Patch is home to a small, sweet and semi-timid feline population. Sweetie, the black and white above, can be counted on to greet our guests even as his little kitty companions run away. Those of you visiting with your dogs, however, which we encourage and love, fear not! Our cats learned long ago that canines can't be trusted and will scatter to the wind when they sense one is nosing about. Though strictly outdoor animals, don't be surprised to see faces like little Callie's below watching you as you eat your breakfast (they're just waiting for their own).
For those of you having or attending a wedding here, our resident horses will be happy to pose for a picture with you, provided you have apple or carrot in hand! With ample acreage to roam, I had to take paparazzi pictures from afar today, but when guests are around, the horses don't stray far from the fence line.
This is just a taste of some our animal friends here - keep an eye out and you'll see all aspects of nature , from sightings of deer, bears, foxes, and even the occasional ground hog sitting on our patio furniture.